Blind school in Ho Chi Minh city

06 Jul 2020

Location: Huynh De Nhu Nghia

Duration: 07/2015 - 07/2018
Local partner: Huynh De Nhu Nghia Women Care Center for Visual impairments
Project code: LN01
Background: Huynh De Nhu Nghia shelter is a charity organization founded in 1993, financed by donors and the religious orders, where around 50 female blind kids from 5 -18 years old are living. All the kids come from poor family around Vietnam, not only from Ho Chi Minh city. They study in normal school and follow some special courses with tutor at the shelter such as music, sport, IT (basic about computer) and even martial art to help them being more confident and able to self-protect. The most difficulty for the kids comes when they finish high school with only two options, or go to vocational center for blind or come back their home town which is impossible for their future.


 A blind student is instructed how to make handmade product

Volunteers tasks:

  • Update projects information and pictures on the website
  • Supporting activities at school: Organizing activities for the kids (games, songs), teaching English for the nurse and kids, preparing special events performances with them and encourage them to speak English by daily active communication; organizing leisure and outdoor activities for children; doing some gardening and re-decorating the garden and living space as the school does not have enough staffs to handle everything; supporting staffs of the site management board.
  • Research assistant: doing research/ finding out vocational training model matching with visually impaired women above 18 years old in the SEA region and planning vocational trials with 2 - 5 girls in the center. The target audience must be girls at the working age, who have desires to attend vocational training and working. They also get advisory and support from the nuns, the Department of Labor, Social Invalid and Wars , as well as local enterprises accepting the disabled labor.
  • Vocational training: if volunteers have workmanship and skills above 3 years regarding to the following areas: handmade products, waiter, cooking and physical therapy, you are welcomed to apply for teaching disabled women vocational training with OpenM (we preferred candidates who have experience working with the disabled).