Free The Ocean - season 1 “Clean Up The Beach”

02 May 2016

Location: Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai Province

Duration: From November 2015  to November 2020

Local partner: The Department of Natural Resource and Environment of Ly Son Island

Project code: EN01

BackgroundLy Son is the only island which belongs to Quang Ngai Province, located 30 km away from mainland consisting of  11 Km2  initially declined to 9,2 Km2  due to coastal erosion and with a population of 22.000. The main economy is based on fishing industry (60% of the population) and the growing of one distinctive garlic species (30% of the population), which nice taste and essential oil, has become a significant specialty for the Vietnamese cuisine and medicine that has been benefitting the locals for years. Ly Son is also famous with its topography such as To Vo Gate, Cau Cave and Hang Pagoda. From 2013, the number of tourists has dramatically increased. In 2009, the waste treatment solution was destroyed, since then, 22.000 people on the island keep discarding the garbage in the ocean. In 2015, another waste treatment factory was built, but it was not able to execute ocean trashing due to the lack of necessary labs and a proper procedure to extract, dispose, recycle and compost the waste. Out of 15 – 20 tons of residential waste everyday, only 1 – 1,5 tons are being incinerated on sunny days. The rest is carelessly thrown in the sea. This huge amount is still increasing through tourism. The highest record of visits was 3000/day on 4/30/2015. This project’s aim is to gradually build awareness on waste, littering, waste extraction, recycling, and providing a solution for the trash status.



Garbage in Ly Son island

Volunteer tasks:

  • Research Assistant: 1.Do research on how to deal and recycle garbage from landfill in the world, instead of burying and incinerating it. 2. Study on how to apply restrictive measures and penalization from the nations which enact strict policies on wasting disposal, such as EU Nations, Japan, etc; simultaneously study on how to develop sustainable tourism and bring economic value to the residents. 3. Evaluate Cu Lao Cham case and the applicability on và Be Island, also belong to Ly Son

  • Update project information and pictures on the website
  • Make proposal following these stages: 2. Contact with local government agencies, 3. Implement project model on the entire area of  Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa  Province during the period 2017 2018, the other island areas in 2019 - 2020.


Activities in Ly Son Island on stage 1