That’s Enough! - Stop Child Sexual Abuse

06 Jul 2020

Location: Ho Chi Minh

Duration: 6/2017 - 2021

Budget: 500,000 USD

Project code: CDS04


According to the report of the Criminal Police Department from Ministry of Public Security, child molestation has been a serious ongoing concern.

Statistics from 2010 to 2013 has shown that the number of child molestation cases has doubled from 867 cases to 1544 cases (reported at the end of 2014). On average, there are 1000 children molested each year which means one child is suffering from molestation every 8 hours.  The criminals sometimes go even further than sheer molestation alone, e.g. murdering and threatening.


Many similar cases have not been properly dealt with. In the meantime, the victims (both children and women) are blamed for lack of understanding or having conducted inappropriate behaviors. They are told to try and protect themselves.


From the end of 2016 to early 2017, Vietnam has more than often witnessed many unsuccessful cases in which the culprits were not properly prosecuted. This has raised a wave of fury among the people. They are seriously concerned for their children’s safety, especially now the seemingly safest places like schools are no longer so.


- 2017 - 2018: Hosting monthly talk show in Ho Chi Minh City to raise awareness and educate beneficial target audience which are parents and children (under 14 years old).

- 2018 - now: Conducting free training for children under 15 years old, their parents, teachers and child-related social workers on child sexual abuse prevention. Up to June 2020, we've got more than 30.000 people trained.

- 2019 - 2021: Conducting field research on child sexual abuse situation in Vietnam in order to advocate the education law regarding gender education and sexual child abuse prevention.

OpenTalk #1: “Wake Up, Human!” Link. Objective: to propagate the proper understanding about child molestation.

OpenTalk #2: “Why Silent?” Link. Objective: to analyze factors affecting the decisions to keep silent of victims and parents.

OpenTalk #3: “See The Unseen” Link. Objective: to recognize signs of molesters and how to deal with them; understand signs of child abuse.

OpenTalk #4: “Protect Your Children” Link. Objective: to re-educate teachers & parents on talking and taking care of children.

OpenTalk #5: Training session for teachers Link.

OpenTalk #6: Training session for children (kindergarten) Link.

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- Hosting self-protection classes for children aged 6 to 10 in Ho Chi Minh City and the nearby provinces.

- Researching on those who had been molesters and methods of treatment if pedophilia is the case (such as chemical castration, hormonal treatment, therapies). Further studying on how to detect a pedophilia patient at early ages and how to prevent its development.

- Art Exhibition Voices Out (January 2018).

Volunteers’ tasks:

- Research assistant: Cooperate with research teams in Asia countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and specify a solution for the aforementioned problem in Vietnam. Field trips to these countries are available.

- Project/PR coordinator: draft content for talk show, training, and exhibition